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Business & Partner

Business & Partner

Successful Retail Stores

1. TIME: May 2019

The First Banana Home Store grand opened in Accra Ghana. Super High Popularity brings Super High Sale Volume!


2. TIME: Dec 2019

The second Banana Home Store grand opened in Accra Mall, Ghana. The Aesthetics Fast Fashion is loved by local consumers.


3. TIME: Dec 2019

The Third Banana Home Store grand opened in West Hills Mall, Accra, Ghana. It is hot outside during the day time.


4. Time: May 2020

3 Banana Home stores were grand opened together at Junction Mall, Kumasi City Mall and Takoradi Mall in Ghana.


5. Time: Dec 2021

2 Banana Home stores grand opened at Cosmos Youpougon and Playce Marcry in Ivory Coast. The Aesthetics Fast Fashion is loved by local consumers.


6. Time: Feb 2022

Banana Phone World store grand opened at Kampala road in Uganda.


Platform Service Solution

Over the past years, Banana has established relationships with some of the world’s leading companies and essential business partners. Our partners and suppliers fit into multiple categories, and locate in different regions worldwide. As a comprehensive service solution platform, Banana makes volume purchase to reduce costs and guarantee the interests of its suppliers for a win-win relationship! Banana now has 500 highly qualified direct suppliers, who help to reduce the number of intermediaries, ensure sources of materials, and quality control. We provide the products and services our customers want and need at an affordable price.

To keep our product advantage, a mature buyer team from Banana is working to keep abreast of fashion trends and create 5000+ new fashionable products, many of which are popular in Africa. Every month, over 300 new products in eight major series will be updated, which meet various requirements perfectly and are popular all year round!

Banana now is capturing an extensive retail market share in different African countries. We have a mature team to provide all-round service solution from sourcing, product planing and selection, servicing, logistics, financing and more. We are always looking to explore local as well as international partners and grow together.

Franchise Cooperation

Banana National Agency:

Being Banana Agency in one country, you'll get the right of authorizing other potential franchisees to join Banana Family in your country and other benefits only for Banana National Agency.

Banana Store Franchisee:

Being Banana Store Franchisee, you’ll be have the right to open Banana stores (either store mode) in the country, but no right to authorize another party to open Banana stores unless you updates to be Banana National Agent.

8 Major Supports To Make You Great!


1. Site selection plan

Banana assists its franchisee in inspecting the store site, assessing the feasibility of store opening, and making a risk prediction as a reference for the franchisee.

2. Design and decoration

Banana makes a design for the store and a planar layout. It sends a project supervisor to the store providing professional guidance in decorations and inspection and acceptance service.

3. Merchandise configuration

Banana provides a rational configuration scheme in order to save space and meet consumers’ purchase requirements

4. Management System

Banana provides IT systems, such as Sales system in stores, Warehouse Management System, Mobile Application System, to provide scientific and precise management for sound store operation.

5. Sales training

Banana provides store assistants with training in store management, IT system Training, sales techniques and enhances communication with the franchisee.

6. Advertising and publicity

Banana has a mature marketing team for advertising and publicity to improve its awareness as a brand and continuously create interests for its franchisee.

7. Operational guidance

Banana imparts its experience accumulated over a long time to its franchisees and provides them with plans for publicity and promotional campaigns.

8. Supports for opening

Banana provides, in the opening period, its franchisee with various support such as making an event plan for it and sending a senior store manager who will provide the store with inspection and guidance service.


Distribution and B2R

While our main business is primarily driven by retail, we are also strong players in semi-wholesale and wholesale distribution due to a combination of the vast range of products including phone accessories, home appliances, general merchandise as well as our wide distribution network and management team in Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania. We are taking advantages of our platform service identity to reduce the number of intermediaries and let retailers and customers to enjoy convenient purchase and better authentic products.

If you are interested in establishing business relationship with us, please fill out the form provided or email us on We’ll contact you to complete our application process to be considered to partner with us and see how we can grow together.

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